About the Office for New Americans

About Us

The Governor’s Office for New Americans (ONA) was created through Senate Bill 538 to promote opportunities for immigrants, refugees and aspiring Americans to thrive in Nevada.

By concentrating on the civic and economic integration of new and aspiring Americans, ONA seeks to foster opportunities for these populations to ascend the economic ladder. Through this office, we will work to bridge the world of state government and the complex changes in immigration law and policy that affect all Nevadans, as well as, break down bureaucratic barriers that often hinder economic self-sufficiency. The Office for New Americans will also support state agencies serving immigrant populations in Nevada to navigate applicable federal immigration regulations governing services provided by agencies.

The success of our great state is rooted in our ongoing commitment to welcoming and integrating new and aspiring Americans into the fabric of Nevada and the Office for New Americans is here to promote this ongoing commitment.